Vacation Eligible Families:

  • Full Time Families will receive vacation day credits to use towards extended pre-planned absences.
    • Only available for children older than 24 months.
    • Child must have been enrolled for 12 months continuously.
    • Parent must give 2 weeks’ notice in advance.
    • You will receive one week of vacation day credits on your annual enrollment date and it
    • must be continuous enrollment and billing. Any unused vacation credits expire each year. o Vacations may NOT be taken one day at a time, it must be taken as 1 continuous week.
    • Account must have a zero balance in order for vacation to be approved.
    • Vacation Day Credits must be used or they expire and they cannot be applied to an account balance if not used.
    • If you withdraw from our program, your available vacation day credits will expire on your child’s last day of enrollment.
    • After your vacation credits have been used, your account will not be credited for any additional absences.
  • Drop In, 2 Day Part Time, 3 Day Part Time, 5 Day 1⁄2 Day, School Age Programs and any Subsidized Care Programs are not eligible for Vacation Day Credits.

If you are planning a vacation , please complete our online Vacation Request form at

Vacation requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to your vacation to receive a tuition credit and your account must qualify.

Your tuition account will be credited the week after your confirmed absence.